Sunday, July 14, 2013

Captiva Island Fishing

The summer patterns have lots of families getting out to enjoy fishing Sanibel waters. The crowds have thinned out as the tempertatures have increased. The trips have involved a lot of watching the radar for morning storms that threaten from the west, and early afternoon storms that come in from the east. Most days the rain seems to wash out for the morning trips and allow us to fish a full 1/2 day and i usually get the boat cleaned up before it rains again. The Snook, trout and a few Redfish have biting every trip. The Snook have been either completly cooperative or lock Jaw. The rain, water clarity and tides have to be right for the fish to turn on. When they do turn on, I can't keep up with baiting lines and landing fish. Since grouper are in season I have fished the slower tides and have managed to land a few keepers inshore. There are lots of just undersized fish to go through before you hook a big one. When you do you know that the only thing in between you and a Grouper dinner is a rock he is trying to get under.

I have lots of openings for August, lets go fishing beforte school starts up.