Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer has started to show signs that fall is comming soon...

Summer has started to show signs that fall is comming soon. Todays Charter started in the 70,s. It was a welcome change to throw the cast net and not break into a sweat. The fish seem to know that winter is only a few months away, but for now the weather is great and there are lot of fish chasing bait.

Bait has grown up from the summer time small fry, net hangers, christmas tree size we had been picking out of the nets. Spanish Mackrel,Trout, Bluefish, ladyfish, and jacks are feeding on the grass beds. Several sharks have been hooked off the back of the boat while anglers are fishing off the front.

Anyway you look at it, now is a great time of year to fish the back bay around Sanibel.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sanibel Tarpon Fishing

I'm thankful for a good week Tarpon Fishing. We were able to land 4 fish in the last 6 days, nice sharks filled in the wait for a bite. The Tarpon have been eating pass crabs in the afternoons, cut bait has worked in the mornings. The month of May is all booked!, thanks for filling it up.

There are many good days in June!, the week of June 7th thru the 13th should be great for Tarpon.

Call me to book any of these days. 239-410-7194

Another side story about last Sat, May 15th....I was in Pine Island Sound at 11 AM catching bait for an afternoon trip with The Archey family. The bait slowed down, couldn't catch enough pin fish. As the time to pick up approached I began to motor towards a shoal. In the distance I think I see 2 dolphins chasing bait. As i am driving closer it becomes clear that the 2 fins are on one , BIG, Hammerhead shark. The shark is in 6-8 ft of water chasing a free swimming Tarpon!. It's 10-12 feet long!, the dorsal is 3 ft tall out of the water, the tail is almost as tall.

You can't imaging the power and beauty of the predator as it chased down and killed the Tarpon. It was so mesmerizing that I could'nt find my camera until it was over.

There's always something to see, do, enjoy, around Sanibel Island Fishing.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tarpon are starting to show up in Pine Island sound

May 7th, its a start!. Tarpon are starting to show up in Pine Island sound. I haven't seen a big group of fish yet, but it should happen any day. I have been fishing with live bait or cut ladyfish . It is either the most relaxing fishing or the most exciting!. Yesterday we got one hookup and landed the fish after a good 1 hour battle with 7 or 8 jumps. Congratulations Ingrid!.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The fish are here and they are hungry!

After a busy couple of weeks I now have a chance to report on the spring fishing. The fish are here and they are hungry!. The winter was tough on a lot of fish, you can't tell unless you are targeting snook. I have caught snook, Redfish, Trout, Spanish Mackrel and Sharks the last two weeks.

The water is now 72 deg. the number we have been waiting for. Bait is at all the regular locations, I am netting each morning before my trips. I don't want to short anyone on their trip time getting bait so I go early to catch bait and clean up. If you want to go with me to see or learn how, just let me know and get up early!. Tarpon! I have seen a few free jump in Pine Island Sound and off the beach at Knapps Point on Sanibel Island. No hook ups yet, but very soon we will get a big bush of fish.

To book a charter call 239-410-7194

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's starting to look like spring...

It's starting to look like spring !. Saturday we caught my first Spanish Mackrel and a Pompano. I'm still catching Trout and Lady fish to fill the trip out. Now we will start fishing for the variety that makes this area so great.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The winter fishing pattern has started...

The winter fishing pattern has started, cold fronts this week have dropped temps. into the mid 40's in the morning. The Wind last Sat. started at 10-15, and grew into a steady 25 mph chill blaster. I started Sat's charter on the open bay and moved into the back bay as the tide started coming in. No matter how windy and cold it gets, we will move into an area that holds fish and is comfortable for the anglers.

The Winter pattern I fish relies on a slow presentation of a jig or shrimp on or near the bottom. I like to fish incomming tides in creeks, or holes that are in protected bays. As the front passes the fish will move back to the flats to feed and warm up. It may take a few stops to find the fish, but when you do it can be one after another, as fast as you can bait up and cast.