Friday, July 17, 2009

7 Redfish and a 5 ft Bull Shark !

July has been Hot!!, the weather has the water temp up to 90 deg in the back bays. After alot of west wind last month I started fishing som protected bays. On a recent trip we caught 7 redfish and a 5 ft bull shark. So even when the wind blows and you can't go to the regular spot, go fishing anyway. I have seen a few Tarpon in the area but have not hooked any yet. The snook fishing on the beach should be good now that the wind has stopped. My tip for the summer is go out early and come in early, beat the heat.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tarpon are HERE in BIG Numbers

May is here and the Tarpon are finally in the sound in big numbers. Last month had cooler than normal nights with the water temperatures staying at 72 to 74 degrees. I have fished 3 days for tarpon and hooked up each trip, brought 2 to boat side and lost 3. Ben and Jennifer from New York joined me for an exciting fight with an estimated 150 + Tarpon. Ben brought it to the boat after a 2 hour battle. Sometimes they give up after 20 minutes, but this fish would not stop. Congratulations Ben. The rest of the month I have plenty of openings including the 4 days before the new moon the 20th - the 24th are open. Call me to get one of the best days in May!