Sunday, August 5, 2018

Shelling Sanibel Captiva Island

Just a 20 minute ride to the north of Captiva island and clear water!. The beach is almost abandoned, 2 miles before we saw another boat. The shelling is always the best where you get the beach to yourself. The beaches north of Captiva have a few fish on them, but way less than Sanibel or Captiva. Pictures are from Saturday , August 4th. Call today to book a shelling/ wildlife tour.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Sanibel Island Fishing

The Summer at Sanibel and Captiva is at its peak. Soon the fall will be here, and cooler weather will be back. The last week we have had good catches of Snook, Mangrove snapper and some sharks. I have installed a new EVA marine decking that's soft to walk on and non skid. The Island is quiet as school starts up for many, don't forget to take a day off fishing or shelling.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sanibel and Captiva Sizzle

The Summer fishing is about working with nature. The hot steamy months of summer have the water temperature in the high 80's. Afternoon showers are a daily cooling for the waters near Sanibel Island. Fresh water from rain and big Lake O have turned the water brown and green. There is a Red Tide bloom that has stayed mostly north of us. Pockets of the red tide have killed fish and our bait. Fishing has been good for Sea Trout, Spanish Mackrel, and Mangrove Snapper. Start early and Finish early to beat the heat. Picture is me in the pool with my Grandson. His first trip in the pool.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

May Fishing near Sanibel is right on track. Today is day three or passing showers from a tropical low. The rain is welcome, dry conditions for months have increased the fire risk for our area. The water has gotten clear from the lack of rain making for some fun days riding in the tower. Last week I rode thru Captiva pass and I could easily make out the limestone ledges. The water was 12-18 feet deep. I'm doing a little fishing off the beach on nice days catching snappers, Mackrel and a occasional triple tail. Next month I will be looking for Gag grouper. On the inside the trout are still biting as well as snook. Call me to book a trip and get out on the water!. Captain Dave

Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring break at Sanibel

Thank you to all the visiting fisher families that have filled up my calendar this year. The wind has blown and the fish have been biting. My best times are watching families catch fish, watch Dolphins play and Eagles soar. I have openings in April!. call to book your adventure.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Another year Fishing Sanibel

2017 is almost closed at this time. A fresh cold front is at our door step. I have been looking for the winter spots to visit when the cool wind blows. Its time to book your Spring break trips now, March is just around the corner.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving and thankful

Sanibel is a little quiet today while many take a day off to give thanks and spend time with family. I am writing today to tell you all what i'm thankful for. I am blessed with a loving and understanding wife. She dosen't complain when I work long hours and come home stinking of fish. I have three children, a grand son, and both parents. We all have our health and each other. As we eat together and share each others company i will try to just soak in the time together. Im thankful for all of you that I get to go fishing with.
Sometimes the fishing is great, sometimes is just ok. I always enjoy your company and the chance to share the next memory. Thank you for making my job the best job ever. Captain Dave