Monday, January 4, 2010

The winter fishing pattern has started...

The winter fishing pattern has started, cold fronts this week have dropped temps. into the mid 40's in the morning. The Wind last Sat. started at 10-15, and grew into a steady 25 mph chill blaster. I started Sat's charter on the open bay and moved into the back bay as the tide started coming in. No matter how windy and cold it gets, we will move into an area that holds fish and is comfortable for the anglers.

The Winter pattern I fish relies on a slow presentation of a jig or shrimp on or near the bottom. I like to fish incomming tides in creeks, or holes that are in protected bays. As the front passes the fish will move back to the flats to feed and warm up. It may take a few stops to find the fish, but when you do it can be one after another, as fast as you can bait up and cast.